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Domain names and the domain name speculation and investment game.  Domain name branding and development.  Following generic keyword trends.  Spotting the deal and acting on it.  Nursing old domain names back to healthy traffic status. 

There's a great deal to discuss here, but it's really about taking risks on generic names and brands.  It requires a great deal of research and planning to make things go well.  You have to understand the web and how the search engines expect you to behave so that you don't get yourself in trouble.  

A great deal goes into researching and securing generic names.  Even more goes into developing and building a great brand. The research and marketing strategies required for either of these types of domain names is completely different from the other, one system cannot be used successfully on the other type of domain name.  However, once a generic keyword name levels off in traffic, then the branding strategies should be applied to accent marketing efforts.  Similarly, once a brand name has saturated the market as a brand, generic marketing strategies can be successfully employed to enhance marketing efforts.

Name gaming is not an easy career.  It requires a bright mind that is creative and aware of ongoing as well as emerging trends.  It requires the ability to take risks and see them through.  And it requires focus on multiple levels in a multi-duty position wearing many hats, as a domain investor, a web designer and developer, a webmaster, a site search optimizer, a website marketer, and eventually skills as a freelance talent manager,  just to name a few specific duties of an active domainer.


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